Our Neighbor is the BEST!

We've had pretty good luck because our neighbors always love me. My last neighbor loved playing with me and giving me toys. While my current neighbor does the same thing. I love seeing her when we go on walks, she's so friendly and sweet. She smells good and almost always tries to carry treats so... Continue Reading →

Trying out this harness life

What's up guys? We've tried to use a harness with Brody in the past because we know that since he is a Chihuahua mix he is more prone to choking when he pulls on the leash. Unfortunately the harness was difficult to put on him and it didn't seem to comfortable for him. So we... Continue Reading →

Update on being Neutered!

Hello dog lovers, it's been a week since Brody has been neutered and he's doing amazing! He's barking and back to his normal feisty attitude. He is the one who runs the house after all. He hasn't been licking his incision at all. We're still keeping an eye on him, but he seems to be... Continue Reading →

I got neutered!

We decided it was time to get Brody neutered because he's 10 months old and he's had some aggression issues. We also knew it was the responsible thing to do, as much as we would have loved to have puppies of our beloved puppy we know that we have our work cut out for us... Continue Reading →

A Day in my Life

Woof woof, here I am back again and this time to share with you my average day to day routine! Ready? Here we go, well in my morning at 6:45am-7am my mom will pick me up and take me out of my kennel and take me outside so I can pee or poop. Then we'll... Continue Reading →

Outfit of the Week: Bandana

Hey ya'll let me know what you think of this outfit at the very end! Last Christmas, my aunt thought this bandana would be fitting for me. What do you know, it is! I think it makes a very subtle yet unique fashion statement. It's comfortable and gets me lots of compliments. It's also adjustable,... Continue Reading →

Outfit of the Week

Here I am in my Cloud9 outfit. It's a shirt that also has a flap so I can pee and poop comfortably. It doesn't get any better than that, am I right? This is the comfiest outfit I've ever had. It fits well and isn't too tight or too loose especially since I'm still growing!... Continue Reading →

I love the Weekend

How's your Friday going? Mine is going great, I love the Fridays because it's the start of the weekend. On the weekends I spend all my time with my mom and dad. I cuddle with mom on the couch and we watch TV together. Mom, dad and me go one walks and we have the... Continue Reading →

Woof Woof!

My name is Brody Stilwell-Figueroa and I just turned 6 months on the March 14th. My mom is already planning my first birthday party and she is SOOOO excited. I'm pretty excited too, because I know she'll have yummy treats for me. I'm recovering from a tapeworm which I caught 2 weeks ago, but I've... Continue Reading →

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